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Tipping Bus Driver Guide From Professional

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

As a professional driver who has been in the industry for 12 years, I have an understanding and knowledge of what is involved.

Below is a cross section of expected and usually received tipping for those in the Motorcoach/tour industry depending on level of service.

1) Nothing: If a driver just drives and does nothing else, then the tip should reflect his involvement,"0". As driving from point A to point B is what he is paid for.

2) $1-$2 per person per day: In the letter, "Tipping Bus Driver," the driver was going to be acting also as a shuttle driver once they arrived at the destination. If the driver is professional, always at the bottom of the stairs to assist as needed, creates conversation, and maintains a clean coach, then the driver should receive a minimum of $1-$2 a day per person. If the driver also unloads the luggage and reloads it, then that should be taken into additional consideration.

3) $3-$5 per person per day: The driver who in addition to the above, points out areas interest along the way, brings a certain amount of levity into the mix, intermingles with the passengers with bits of wit and humor, demonstrates a true professional demeanor and ability such as where he lets the passengers off and on. In other words, the driver who becomes a positive memory of the trip should be rewarded with a tip of $3-$5 a day per person - and not per couple as some wish to do.

These guidelines are based on personal experience and conversations with numerous other drivers, tour organizers, and group leaders from the New England states to Seattle and San Francisco with many locations in between.


Thank you for reading this

Dear Thank you for reading this,

We appreciate your information and enlightening our readers.