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Rude Comments About Weight

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

What do I say to people who comment on my looks? I'm not obese, but have gained a few pounds. Whenever my mother-in-law or my sister visit they both have something to say about me such as "You look like you've gained a few pounds" or "You look tired." I think they're rude, but can't reply with that, can I? What should I say?


Tired of rude comments

Dear Tired of rude comments,

Yes, both your mother-in-law and sister are rude to make comments that are obviously intended to make you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious. It's best not to match their rudeness by more rudeness back, but you can deflect it. Try saying in a pleasant tone, "Gee, thanks for noticing!" Any time a rude remark about your looks is made by anyone, use the same technique.