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Tipping Bus Driver

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Our school is renting a bus for a three day trip to a college town several hours away. The bus driver will also be transporting us back and forth from the hotel to seminar classes each day. We are paying the usual fees, plus bus driver hotel room, etc. We think we should tip our driver, but have no idea how much.


What is Customary?

Dear What is Customary,

Generally, a tip of 10%-15% of the tour price is given to a tour bus driver/guide. However, your situation is different since you are paying for the bus rental and the bus driver's hotel room and food. If the driver is particularly helpful and also assists with luggage loading and unloading, then an additional gratuity should be given.

Below is a letter from a professional bus driver who offers his guidelines for tipping bus drivers.