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Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Protocol

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Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

What would be the proper protocol for an event that had a ribbon to be cut and three distinguished guests, all of them candidates for cutting the ribbon?



Dear Wondering,

If you are asking how all three candidates can be included in the cutting of the ribbon, there are several possibilities:

1. Three people can hold onto a very large pair of scissors and cut together. Find a party rental store to rent an oversized pair of scissors, typically 3 feet long.

2. Or, section off the ribbon into three swoops. Each person has their own pair of regular sized scissors, and cuts their swoop at the same time.

3. Or, hang three ribbons together in layers. They each cut one ribbon together on the cue. Instead of cutting together, they can take turns cutting one ribbon at a time. For example, after one person cuts one ribbon, he hands off the scissors to the second person who cuts the second ribbon, then hands the scissors to the third person cuts the last ribbon. Instead of handing off the scissors, each person can hold their own pair.

4. If actual cutting of the ribbon is not important, then have two of the people each hold one end of the ribbon, and the third person in the middle will cut.

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