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Rededication Ceremony - Press Coverage Helps

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Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

As a public, non-profit organization, we are asking if you know what the proper procedure/etiquette is for the ceremony to rededicate (re-name) a building? We wish to keep the ceremony short and to the point.



Dear Organizer,

Rededication ceremonies can simply be a few speeches by the interested parties, or the ceremonies can be celebrations of the rededication. If something is worth a rededication ceremony, then it's best to try and make the most of it. It will still be short; perhaps 1-2 hours total time, maybe longer if it involves a tour of the building and dinner after.

If you would like a large turnout, then publicize the event through news media such as newspaper, television, and radio. This will also be good publicity for your organization. Be sure and have the news media cover the rededication ceremony in order to get well-known dignitaries in your community such as the governor, mayor, city council members, or sports "star", or other celebrity, to not only attend, but say a few words about the dedication. The number of people giving speeches, or just saying a few words, is up to you, and who is directly involved with the building.

It's always nice to have light refreshments after the speeches. Restaurants, bakeries, or grocery stores are usually willing to donate food and beverage in exchange for press coverage or mention in your newsletter. If establishments are unable to donate refreshments have volunteers bake cookies, cakes, or other snacks. Some rededication ceremonies also have entertainment during refreshment time. Again, find a musical group willing to donate their time in exchange for press coverage. Or contact your local middle or high school's music department, as their bands often are willing to play for the experience. If you send invitations to certain people or groups, it would be similar to a party invitation or announcement, stating the event (and what dignitaries will be there), time, and place.

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