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Osteoporosis: 5 Steps to Bone Health

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My mother has osteoporosis and has started to bend over slightly when she stands or walks. We've been to the doctor, so I'm not asking about osteoporosis. My question is about what can my mother do to hide her slight stooping over?



Dear Wondering,

Many women with osteoporosis feel a large beautiful scarf around the neck and shoulders is a nice way to camouflage their stooping. But, it's more important to help your mother not be embarrassed about her stooping posture. Emphasize her inner beauty - how wonderful she is, giving, kind, thoughtful, etc.

Osteoporosis is a disease that gradually weakens bones and often leads to painful and debilitating fractures. Healthy bones are very important, especially for children and teens whose bone density is being established during this time. Everyone, of all ages, need daily calcium and exercise. Osteoporosis can be prevented.

The National Osteoporosis Foundation considers osteoporsis and low bone mass to be a major public health threat affecting nearly 44 million women and men aged 50 and older in the United States (

The National Osteoporosis Foundation recommends these 5 steps to bone health (

1. Eat right: Get your daily recommended amounts of calcium and vitamin D.

2. Exercise: Engage in regular weight-bearing and muscle strengthening exercise.

3. Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle: Avoid smoking and excessive alcohol consumption.

4. Talk to your healthcare provider: talk to your healthcare provider about bone health.

5. Get Tested: Have a bone density test and take medication when appropriate.

World Osteoporosis Day is October 20. For more information, see the National Osteoporosis Foundation at