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Hosiery Alternative - Air Stocking

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I have varicose veins, so I avoid wearing shorts. I also avoid skirts or dresses as I do not like to wear pantyhose. However, I am going to an evening wedding and would like to wear a nice dress, but without hosiery. Someone mentioned spraying my legs to look as though I had nylons on in order to cover up the imperfections. Would that be appropriate for evening?


Don't want to be constrained

Dear Don't want to be constrained,

Yes, it would be fine to wear a spray on stocking for evening. There is a spray on product called Air Stocking or Air Silk that gives the look of wearing nylons. The Today Show had given a strong recommendation to the product.

(See "Fashion & Beauty: Ladies! Get rid of runs with spray-on stockings, April 12, 2004).

According to the Air Stocking website (, the spray on stocking is waterproof, sweat-resistant, scratch-resistant, color-lasting, and does not adhere to clothes. One must be careful applying the product, as the over-spray can stain. It is also recommended to spray your legs while in the bathtub and put clothing on after the "stocking" has dried (2009).