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Mourning the Death of Husband

Dear Dr. Dave & Dr. Dee,

My husband died one month ago, and I can hardly recall the funeral, everything is a blur. However, my sisters think that I've had enough time to grieve and need to get on with my life. However, there are times that I feel I want to run away, be by myself and just scream. If no one is coming over, I can easily sleep all day. He was very ill and I know that he is better off. Nevertheless, I miss him so very much. How long will this feeling go on? Thank you for any help you may be able to give me.


Still Grieving

Dear Still Grieving,

We send our sincere condolences on the death of your husband. Healing from the loss of a loved takes a long time. How long the grieving process lasts varies for every individual and their particular situation.

In some respects, you will always have sadness, and that is normal. You will never get over the loss, but you will get through it. You will have your up and down days, too. Some events may trigger great sorrow (i.e. birthday, wedding anniversary, and holidays).

Keep in contact with your family and friends and let them know how you're feeling. However, if, after several months have gone by, and you find that you cannot live your regular life, be around others, or go out shopping, in other words, do the normal activities you once did, then it would be very helpful to seek guidance from a grief counselor to help you cope with your loss. You can get counseling referrals from your doctor, church, local city hall, or funeral home.