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50th Wedding Anniversary Gift Registry

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My brothers and I are throwing a 50th wedding anniversary party for our parents. However, we would like to ask guests for a cash donation toward a cruise for our parents as we cannot afford to send them on the trip. How can this be worded tactfully in the invitation?


Invitation 101

Dear Invitation 101,

Gifts should never be mentioned in the invitation no matter how tactfully.

Section targeting However, you can set up a cruise vacation registry similar to a honeymoon gift registry. When guests ask for gift ideas for your parents, you can suggest going to the gift registry. It would be nicer to have a registry than to solicit cash directly to help pay for the cruise.

Guests can purchase gifts for your parents in the form of cruise credits applied to their cruise reservation, specific shore excursions such as bus tour, horseback riding, helicopter ride, golfing, deep sea fishing, and snorkeling or onboard amenities such as spa treatments, beauty salon, or the casino. Guests will have fun seeing the details of the cruise and contribute directly toward the vacation.