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Wedding Registry For Honeymoon

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Someone mentioned that we could register our honeymoon. Is that proper?



Dear Wondering,

Yes, wedding registry for a honeymoon is becoming very popular. It is fun for the guests when they can purchase specific items for your honeymoon.

The honeymoon trip can be broken down into purchasable items from each category of expense within transportation, accommodations, dining, excursions, and indulgences.

The more specific you can be about each item, the better. For example, guests do not simply put money towards your dining, but can actually purchase your dinner cruise, Sunday brunch, or champagne breakfast. They can purchase excursions for scuba diving, golfing, museum, or city bus tour. Other travel expenses can be broken down into one day car rental, one night's lodging, upgrade lodging to a view, or one leg of the airfare. Special indulgences can be a day at the spa, massage, special souvenir.