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Wine: White vs. Red A Matter of Taste

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I don't care for red wine, so often order white wine even with my red meat entrees. My friends keep telling me that I'm breaking etiquette by not ordering red wine with red meat. Is it that bad?


Stop the whining

Dear Stop the Whining,

You're not breaking any "etiquette" rules by having white wine with red meat. It's more a matter of taste preference. Usually white wines are served with lighter meats such as fish or chicken to complement the dish and not overwhelm it. Red wines are more hearty and robust and go well with the usually stronger tasting red meats. But, you are having white wine with red meat, so the wine wouldn't overwhelm the meal. Even if you liked red wine with fish, if that's your preference, go ahead. Ignore your friends' comments. Actually, they are breaking an etiquette rule by pointing it out to you.