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Wedding Cake Concerns

Dear Dr. Dave & Dr. Dee,

My fiance and I are paying for our own wedding and on a budget. As a wedding gift, my best friend will be making our wedding cake and decorating it with fresh flowers. However, for ease of transport, my friend was not going to make a stacked tiered cake, but display the tiers separately with each decorated on top with fresh flowers.

At work when I mentioned that my friend was making the wedding cake, a co-worker made a snide comment about my not being able to afford a decent cake, how important the wedding cake is, that it is the centerpiece of the reception, then went on about how big and expensive hers was.

Now I'm worried that if the cake does not look professional, that the guests will notice. Should I trust my friend to make the wedding cake, or spend hundreds of dollars on a professionally done one?


Cake concerns,

Dear Cake concerns,

A wedding is stressful enough without having to worry about what guests think of the wedding cake. Your best friend is very generous and thoughtful to make your wedding cake, and appears to have the talent and time. Trust your friend to do a fine job.

While the stacked tiered wedding cake is traditional, nowadays, wedding cakes can be creatively displayed in a variety of manners. For example, the largest tier can be set directly on the table surrounded by the other tiers displayed on independent cake stands or different height pedestals giving the illusion of a beautiful floating tiered wedding cake.

Photos of cake display ideas can be found at