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Wedding Cake Toppers Traditional or Not

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Is it necessary to have bride and groom figurines on top of a traditional wedding cake?


Traditional top or not

Dear Traditional top or not,

Bride and groom figurines are traditional toppers for wedding cakes. However, depending on your wedding theme or the season, there are a variety of wedding cake toppers you could choose such as flowers, ribbons, hearts, fairytale carriage, castle, sparkling crown, monograms, or snowflakes.


5 popular cake toppers are provided by Tim Stout of

1. Monogrammed Initial Letters: it is most common to either use the first letter of the husband's last name or to have the first initial of both the bride and groom's first names.

2. Flowers: fresh or silk

3. Birds: pair of love birds

4. Bride and Groom Figurines: These figurines are made with everything from Legos to sports paraphernalia.

5. Bunting Banner: mini bunting banners have words such as love, I do, the last name of the groom, Mr. and Mrs., We do, and initials of the bride and groom.

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