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Virtual Memorial Tributes

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I recently received word that a man I once worked with has died. An email was sent through the office with a link to a virtual guestbook. I am not planning to attend the funeral. What would be an appropriate entry to the virtual guestbook?


Virtual Funeral Guestbook Signing

Dear Virtual funeral guestbook signing,

Virtual memorials are Internet web pages that honor the deceased. Virtual memorials allow family and friends of the deceased to share their thoughts and tributes online.

Virtual memorials include an obituary, plus favorite family photos of the deceased engaged in various activities during his or her lifetime. There may also be photos of the funeral or other intimate moments that the family wishes to share. The online memorial might play the favorite music of the deceased on each web page as well.

In the virtual guestbook, write your condolences, thoughts and feelings about the deceased. Sharing an anecdote is often appreciated. The length can be a few sentences to a long paragraph.