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Thank You - Notes or Verbal for Showers?

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I recently attended a baby shower where the host announced that when the mom-to-be opens her presents and says thank you, then that will be it. She will not be sending out any thank you cards because she is so far along, it would be cumbersome.

I had hand-made the baby blanket and embroidered booties and made a nice bracelet for the mom-to-be. Now I feel insulted with only a verbal thanks, as if all I was there for was for her to get a few presents and then get the boot!


Am I unreasonable?

Dear Am I unreasonable,

Generally, verbal thanks are fine for showers, housewarming, and holiday gifts presented in person. However, a written thank you note is always appreciated and appropriate at any time, but especially when much time, energy, and thoughtfulness were put into the gift.

Given you hand-made the gifts, then your feelings are understandable. The fact that the host of the shower announced the verbal thanks was perhaps the offensive part as it was unnecessary and spoiled the mood of the celebration.