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Wedding Veil Selection Tips

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

If I am wearing a long formal ivory wedding dress with a train, is there a rule as to how long should my veil be? Also, does the veil need to exactly match the color of my dress?


Too many choices

Dear Too many choices,

For a formal gown with a train, the veil can be anywhere from fingertip length to cathedral length. If you choose a cathedral veil, then the veil should extend past the train. If you cannot match the color of your dress, then the veil is best if a lighter shade than the dress (not darker).

Some useful tips on how to choose a wedding veil are given at The veil length depends on dress style and detailing. For example, if the gown has a sharply defined waistline, then the veil should end either above or below the waistline, not at the waistline. Descriptions of veil styles and some basic considerations when choosing a veil are below (

3 Basic Veil Styles

1. Elbow Length (30 inches long): semi-formal or formal. Generally used for gowns without a train and will show off any detailing at the waist of the gown. Works well with most gowns and on most brides, especially brides less than 5'4" tall.

2. Fingertip Length (36 inches long): semi-formal or formal. Looks best with any full length gown without a train. Works well with brides taller than 5'7".

3. Cathedral Length: most formal veil that extends about four feet beyond the end of your dress or six inches past the train.

Note: the blusher is worn over the face for semi-formal or formal weddings. But, if the bride prefers not to wear the blusher over her face, she can use the blusher as an added layer or tier with other veil lengths.

For more information, see