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Bridal Tiara Best Styles For Hair and Gown

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

There are six different tiaras that I love and can't decide which to wear for my wedding. One has round pearls and rhinestones, another has dropped pearls dangling; one doesn't have any pearls but is entirely covered with crystals with no metal showing. Then, there is a tiara that is very simple but elegant and about an inch high, versus another that is more elaborate at 3 inches. Is there a guide as to what tiara will work best for me? I am 5'5" tall.


Too Many Choices

Dear Too Many Choices,

The two major factors to consider when choosing a tiara or headpiece are 1) hairstyle and 2) gown.


1) Hairstyle

Decide what hairstyle you will have on your wedding day and shop for a tiara with your hair in that style. For example, if you will be wearing your hair up and want the tiara to be showy, a taller tiara is needed. If you are planning to wear your hair down, a shorter tiara would be fine, although you could still choose a taller tiara; it depends on the look that you are trying to achieve.

2) Gown

Choose a tiara that complements your gown. If you decide you want pearls in the tiara and your gown has pearls, then choose a tiara with similar shade and shape pearls of your gown. Your tiara does not need to exactly match your gown, just be complementary to it. You could also select a tiara that has a similar shape to your gown neckline. For example, if you gown neckline is v-shaped, then a tiara with a peak would complement the gown.