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Thank You When Giver Unknown

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I read your "Thank You Notes Guidelines for Kids," and I'm in a dilemma. My child opened up gifts so fast, and I thought I had written everything down. However, I misplaced a couple of cards, so do not know what these children gave my child. I need to send out a thank you cards.


Please help

Dear Please help,

If unsure which gift was given by which child, then keep the thank you generic regarding the gift. However, compliment a specific activity by the guest during the party. For example, say something like, "Thank you very much for the nice gift, but especially for coming to my party. You were a lot of fun and your great jokes had everyone laughing. I really appreciate your thoughtfulness. See you at school."

Other possible party activities that can be noted are helping clean up the plates, organizing the game, winning the prize, scooping the ice cream, or whatever you can recall the child doing that was positive.