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Tea Party Themes

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I would like to know if there is any rule about introducing a theme into a tea party. Since I live in the Dominican Republic (beautiful island), can I turn my tea party into a marine one? The main colors would be light aqua and green. I would add delicate seashells and pearls, and make it simple and elegant. However, someone told me that it would not be appropriate to have a theme. May I have your opinion?


Changing Themes

Dear Changing Themes,

It is very appropriate to have a color scheme and include special accessories for a theme. A marine theme for your tea party would be fun.

The website, Coffee Tea & Thee, suggests various tea party themes with ideas for decorations such as:

January: Forget-Me-Knots

February: Valentine

March: Say Goodbye to Winter

April: Spring Bloom

May: Mom 'n Me

June: Casual Picnic

July: Americana

August: Summer Night

September: Back to School

October: Bring a Tea Party

November: Cup of Gratitude

December: Christmas Memories

For more details on tea parties, go to