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Romantic Notion About Gift Giving

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I have been married two years and my husband always asks what gifts I want for the various occasions such as my birthday, anniversary, Christmas, etc. I like to be surprised, so I tell him "surprise me." He has never gotten me anything that I really like, but I never show my disappointment. I think he should know what I like by now. I've even pointed out nice things advertised in the newspaper, but he's never gotten me any of those items. How can I get my husband to be more romantic and thoughtful in his gift giving?


Thought that counts?

Dear Thought that counts,

One notion that needs to be dispelled, is that of one's spouse being a "mind reader" and knowing the perfect gift to buy. Your expectations are too high and unrealistic.

There is nothing wrong with telling him exactly what you would like for a present. The romantic notion that he must "know" if he loves you, is not true. Most people are just not good at gift buying. Your husband asks what gifts to buy because he wants to get you something you'll like. If you need to be surprised, give him a list of things from which to choose, then he can pick one and surprise you.