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Finance - Buying Stocks Via Internet

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I've come into some money recently and would like to invest in stocks. Do you think it's better to consult and buy stocks through a broker, or to use one of those online broker services on the Internet?


Stocking up

Dear Stocking up,

Looks like you have a computer, so online broker services can work well. Examine the companies in whose stock you're interested by going to various Internet sites, which provide data about the company. Look at how the company has done over the last 5 years or more, look at its P/E ratio, and other facts that you can obtain easily over the Internet. It's always best to make your own informed decision about which stocks to buy and when to buy them. Remember, stock brokers earn a commission on stock trades. You'll save money in the trade and you'll have good knowledge about the company. Always keep tabs on how the company is doing, especially after purchasing its stock.

Some of the major stock exchanges can be viewed online:


New York Stock Exchange:

London Stock Exchange:

Hong Kong Exchange:

Tokyo Stock Exchange:

Toronto Stock Exchange: