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Wedding Showers Invite Wedding Guests

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I have been invited to 3 showers for a coworker! I haven't RSVP'd any of the showers yet. Should I only go to one? Any ideas for inexpensive gifts if I go to all three? Also, I haven't received an invitation to the wedding that is a month away.


Wants My Presents, But Not my Presence?

Dear Wants My Presents, But Not my Presence,

People invited to a wedding shower should be on the guest list for the wedding. However, the exception to shower guests also being wedding guests, is if the coworkers give the bride-to-be an office shower.

Wedding invitations can be sent anywhere from 4-8 weeks prior to the event. Your invitation might still be on its way. If you know a coworker that was invited to the wedding, then ask them to inquire discretely about your invitation. It's possible your invitation was misplaced since you are invited to three showers.

You do not have to bring a gift at each bridal shower, only the first one. However, many people feel awkward going to a shower empty-handed. So, you could give a small gift at each shower. Or, opt to only attend one shower. You are not obligated to attend any.