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Addressing Envelope for Senator or Representative

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

What is the proper way to address the envelope and the salutation of the letter for legislators? Also, if the Senator is female and married, how is the envelope addressed for an invitation?


Legislative Letter

Dear Legislative Letter

For either Senators or Representatives, the envelope is addressed with the first and last name preceded by The Honorable. For example, The Honorable John Doe. For the salutation, use "Dear Representative Doe" or "Dear Senator Doe."

If this is a social invitation to female senator and spouse, then the envelope would be addressed: The Honorable Jane Doe and Mr. John Doe. For a male senator and spouse, address the envelope: The Honorable John Doe and Mrs. Doe.

"The Honorable" can also be used when addressing envelopes for elected officials such as city council, mayor, Governor, members of Congress, State Attorney General, and Ambassadors.

For more information on proper protocol, see and the Department of the Army, "A Guide to Protocol and Etiquette for Official Entertainment" at