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Save the Date Cards or Magnets Helpful

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

We will be getting married in about a year and wondered if it was necessary to send save the date cards? Also, someone at work told me save the date magnets would be cute, but shouldn't the save the date announcement match the wedding invitation?


Down to Details

Dear Down to details,

Save the date cards are necessary if your wedding will occur during the holidays, a holiday weekend, or at an out of town location requiring guests to make travel arrangements. Send save the date cards at least 4-6 months before the wedding, but would be best 8-12 months in advance if the wedding is located in a popular travel destination resort.

Save the date cards can be similar to your wedding invitation if you wish. However, save the date cards can be simple, casual, and fun. Instead of cards, magnets can be ordered. Picture magnets are popular and are fun keepsakes for guests. On the other hand, some folks simply send email save the date notices to family and friends.

The information on the save the date card or magnet should include your names, wedding date, location of the wedding (city, state), and include the words, "Invitation to follow." If you have a wedding website, also include the web address.