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Engagement Ring to Show Off

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My boyfriend and I talk about getting married in about a year, but he doesn't want to make it "official" by getting me a diamond ring. He also doesn't want to call us "engaged" or have an engagement party. I think I should get a diamond engagement ring to show off. He thinks a simple gold ring when we actually get married will be enough. I haven't actually asked him for the diamond ring, yet. Should I? Is he cheap?


Wants ring

Dear Wants ring,

Sometimes, people's perceptions of what is important are totally different. Your boyfriend doesn't think having a diamond ring is needed to show off your relationship. However, the fact that you do, but haven't discussed this with him, questions whether the two of you are ready for marriage. Communication is essential for two people in a relationship. Perhaps your boyfriend cannot afford a ring? You and your boyfriend need to have a discussion about the ring, finances, and expectations for the future.