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Return Plate with a Note of Thanks

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

We received a nice homemade pie for picking up our neighbor's paper and mail while they were gone for the weekend. When we finish the pie, I will return the glass pie plate clean, but wondered if we should return the plate with some goodies in it? I feel like I should have something in the plate for them. Also, can I leave the plate on their porch or do I need to ring the doorbell and hand it to them?


Pie Plate Perplexed

Dear Pie Plate Perplexed,

It would be very nice to have goodies in the plate when you return it, but it is not necessary. Write a note of thanks about how delicious the pie was and how thoughtful they were to bake it, and then put the note in the pie plate.

You should call to let your neighbor know that you are coming over to return their plate. However, if they are not home, then leave a phone message that lets them know that you will leave it on their porch.