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Return Address Proper Placement for Party Invitation

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Is it proper manners to use a return address on the envelope of a cocktail invitation? If someone does not receive it, then it would be returned by postal service. If there is more than one host/hostess, then how do we decide which return address to use? Should we use the return address of where the party is being held? Is it okay to have the return address on the back of the envelope? Also, what is the proper time allowed from mailing invitation to actual party date?


Proper etiquette

Dear Proper etiquette,

It is always fine to have a return address on an invitation. The upper left corner of the envelope is fine, or for more formal invitations the return address is normally on the back of the envelope flap.

If you have multiple hosts and cannot decide which return address to use, then just use the address of the person in whose home the party will be held. Cocktail party invitations should be mailed at least 2-3 weeks in advance.