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Wedding Invitation Inner Envelope Invites Guest

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I recently received an invitation to a wedding, but the envelope was addressed only to me with no mention of a guest.

Inside the mailing envelope was a second envelope addressed to "Mr. Doe and Guest." I have been in a relationship for five years and would definitely take my significant other as my guest. However, since the mailing envelope was addressed only to me, I am not sure if I should honor it or the internal envelope that includes a guest.

If the internal envelope takes precedence, then what should I write on the RSVP card? Would Mr. John Doe and Guest be appropriate or should I include the name of the guest and write Mr. John Doe and Mr. David Smith?



Dear Befuddled,

If the inside envelope is addressed to Mr. Smith and Guest, then you may bring a guest. The outer envelope would only have your guest's name if you and your guest reside in the same household. If you live in the same house, and his name was still excluded from the outer envelope, then perhaps they do not know his full name.

On the response (RSVP) card, you can write either Mr. John Doe and guest or Mr. John Doe and Mr. David Smith. However, the latter is preferable since Mr. Smith is your significant other.