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Resort Appropriate Attire

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

We have been invited to a resort on Bermuda for some business meetings. There are several dinners and the dress code states: "Resort Casual" and "Dressy Resort Casual." Can you define and give examples of what my husband and I should wear?


No Fashion Sense

Dear No Fashion Sense,

Invitations with the term, "resort," indicate attire that is a cut above very casual clothes. So, avoid jeans, flip flops, camisoles, t-shirts, and short shorts or very short skirts.

Resort wear appropriate for men and women are "country club" type clothing. Since the invitation is for dinner, then evening resort attire for men would be nice slacks, polo shirts, button down shirts, nice shoes or sandals, with the option of wearing a sport coat. For women: nice pants, skorts, skirts, nice top, casual dress, sundress, nice sandals or casual shoes. The length of the skirt or dress is knee length or longer.

Daytime resort attire includes the same clothing suggestions as evening resort plus nice shorts can be worn as well.