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Resign From a Job After Finding a New One

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I am a bartender and I work nights for a lady I like very much, but cannot tolerate her boyfriend. He doesn't seem to care much for her, but he hangs around, and she is so smitten. He treats us (the help and most of the customers) with a vague indifference, and she allows this. He reprimands me if I am with another customer, and I do not get to him right away. She thinks this is funny. I have tried to talk to her about his behavior but she says "that's just John." I feel guilty leaving, so how can I do it gracefully?


Please help

Dear Please help,

Don't feel guilty about leaving. Your boss cannot be that great if she allows her employees to be treated in such a manner, especially after you have tried to discuss the matter with her. It would be very difficult to work in this environment.

Before leaving this job, start looking for other places to work. People holding jobs are more appealing than those without one. After getting a job offer, simply hand in your letter of resignation with two weeks notice (or whatever number weeks notice required in the employee contract). Your letter to your current boss need only state that you have found other employment.