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Wedding Registry Tips

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Is it more important to register china, crystal, or silverware for our wedding?



Dear Undecided,

Wedding gift registry items are entirely up to you based on personal needs, preferences, and formal or casual living style.

Registries can be started online and include just about any type of department store, specialty shop, drugstore, or bookstore. The wedding couple can choose items they would enjoy for their kitchen, bathroom, home decor, workshop, hobby, garden, charity, or vacation.

Wedding Gift Registry Tips

1. Register 3-6 months before the wedding.

2. Have a wide price range to fit everyone's budget. For example, items under $25, between $25 and $100, over $100.

3. Register items both online and at the store. Not everyone is computer savvy.

4. The number of items in the registry is normally 2-3 times the number of guests.