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Regifting Tips

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My daughter received several gifts for Christmas that she says she will never use. There are some birthday parties coming up. Can she give her gifts as presents?


Proper Present

Dear Proper Present,

Generally, regifting is fine as long as the item was not handmade by the giver or is not a display item that could be noticeably missed when the giver visits your home.

Below are five tips for regifting:

1. The gift is brand new with tags.

2. The gift is in the original box, such as an appliance, perfume, or cosmetic.

3. The regift is not given in the presence of the person who originally gave it.

4. The regift is given to someone who will enjoy/use it.

5. The gift is not handmade by the giver or so unique that it will be noticeably absent when the giver visits.

When in doubt about regifting, then don't. Instead of regifting, you can donate the item to a nonprofit organization or sell it on ebay. In order to avoid hurt feelings, be sure that the gift giver does not know you are regifting or selling the item.