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Quinceanera Dress White Ball Gowns

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

While browsing in a bridal shop, we saw a girl being fitted for a wedding dress that had a wide pink sash around her waist. Is this a new trend in wedding dresses?


Trendy teen?

Dear Trendy teen,

Perhaps the girl was being fitted for her Quinceanera dress. It is sometimes difficult to tell the age of young girls, but if she seemed to be in her teens, then a Quinceanera dress is the likely reason for having a pink sash with a white wedding type dress. Popular colors for Quinceanera ball gowns are white or pink, but can be in other pastel colors.

The Quinceanera celebrates a young woman's 15th birthday (quince is 15 in Spanish). The age of 15 is the when a girl becomes a young woman in Hispanic or Latino cultures.