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Dancing with a Purse Okay?

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My husband and I have been invited to a dinner dance to celebrate our good friend's anniversary. Where should I put my purse when dancing? Should I hide it under my napkin or under the table, or should I dance with it?


Need to Know

Dear Need to Know,

Never "hide" a purse. It only takes one thief to spoil the whole evening.

The best solution would be to not bring a purse at all. Your husband will have a pocket (pants or jacket), and can easily hold the essential items for you. For example, the only 4-5 items you need to bring are an ID, credit card, a couple of bills, powder compact, and maybe lipstick. You don't need a wallet, so these items will not be bulky.

If you must bring a purse, then bring a small one that has a long enough strap to fit diagonally over one shoulder and rest on your opposite hip while dancing.