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Addressing Envelope for 2 Last Names

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My friend married, but decided to keep her maiden name. How do I address the envelope when sending something for both of them? Can I get away with "Mr. & Mrs. John Doe", or do I have to include her name separately?



Dear Wondering,

The proper way to address an envelope when two last names are involved is to put both names on the same line if they are married.

For example: Ms. Jane Doe and Mr. John Smith

Or, if the names do not fit on the same line, then separate lines with "and" before the man's name on the second line, which indicates that they are married.

Even if a last name is hyphenated, for example Jane Doe-Smith, it is still considered a separate last name, unless the woman uses her husband's last name socially. It's always best to ask her preference.

If couples are not married, but living together, then their names are on separate lines with the woman's name on the first line and the man's name on the second line without the "and"