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Wedding Bouquet Styles and Later Preserving

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I am getting married, but in a small chapel with only our immediate families present. I am not having a wedding with a wedding dress or bridesmaids, but still wish to have a bridal bouquet. My coworker told me that it was inappropriate to have a bouquet if I wasn't going to "throw it" at a wedding. I've always wanted a bridal bouquet, but now feel like I'm breaking some sort of etiquette? I will be wearing a nice knee length dress when I get married. Will a bridal bouquet be too much? Also, what style bouquet would be okay?


Bouquet Blues

Dear Bouquet Blues,

It is fine to have a bridal bouquet even if you are not having a traditional wedding. Many brides are now opting to keep their bouquets instead of throwing them (or throwing a small "toss-bouquet"). The bride's bouquet can be preserved and used as a centerpiece or rearranged and displayed as a wreath or in a shadowbox. Contact your florist for preserving techniques such as freeze-drying. To see examples of preserved bouquets, go to

You might choose a smaller version of a wedding bouquet to go with your dress. As far as style of bouquet, it's up to you as there are many such as traditional, cascade, nosegay, arm, or hand-tied. Flowers, colors, and design should be discussed with your florist.

To see examples of wedding bouquets, go to