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Tuxedo Pocket Square Tips

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Could you please give me any tips on how to fold the handkerchief to fit in that very shallow pocket in your suit?


Folding Frenzy

Dear Folding Frenzy,

Pocket squares fit in the left breast pocket of a suit or tuxedo jacket and can be folded to have a simple straight edge in line with the pocket, a casual puffy look, or have points up.

In brief below are instructions for folding pocket squares are provided by Formal America (

1. FOLDED: easy way to wear a pocket square. Fold it into quarters and insert it into your tux's pocket. Make sure the fold is lined up parallel with the top of the tux pocket.

2. POOFY: For lack of a better term, we call this method 'poofy.' To prepare your pocket square, lay it down flat on a table. Now, grab it by the middle and let the fabric bunch up slightly in your hand. Insert the pocket square straight into your tux pocket with the corners down. Straighten and 'poof' the pocket square a bit. Make the pocket square fill the width of the tux's pocket.

3. CORNERS UP: opposite of Poofy - the corners to peek out the top! Again, place the pocket square flat on a table and pick it up by the middle. However, this time, insert the 'bunched up material' down into your pocket first. The corners of your pocket square should stick out the top of the pocket.

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