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Mothers Day - What Moms Really Want

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

My Mom says she doesn't want anything for Mother's Day, and wants us to just call her. She is widowed, and I call her every Sunday as it is, so calling on Mother's Day doesn't seem very special. We used to send her flowering plants like orchids, but she has too many houseplants. She has lots of jewelry already, and is trying to lose weight, therefore candy is out. We live in another state, so taking her out to dinner is not feasible. My wife says to get her something. Should we take her word for it and just call, or should we get her something?


Mystified for Motherís Day

Dear Mystified for Motherís Day,

You probably have an inkling as to whether or not your Mom really means it when she says she doesnít want a gift. It sounds like you need to come up with a small gift or at least a nice card.


Depending on the survey, different gifts are ranked more favorably by mothers. For example, a 2012 Harris interactive poll for found Moms would like the following gifts for Mother's Day (

1. A Spa Day

2. Flowers

3. Jewelry

4. Smartphone or Tablet

A 2012 CashStar survey found Momís preferred the following for Mother's Day:

1. Dinner out (34%)

2. Flowers (15%)

3. eGift or gift card (14%)

4. Jewelry (10%)

5. Perfume (4%)


Motherís Day honors and celebrates Moms with of gestures of appreciation that can range anywhere from a nice card to more elaborate gifts. Some typical ways to show Mom appreciation is to make her breakfast in bed, take her out to dinner, give her cards, flowers, or jewelry.

In the United States and many countries, Motherís Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, but other countries celebrate Motherís Day during other days or months of the year. For example, according to, Motherís Day is observed in France on the last Sunday in May, in the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Nigeria, the Fourth Sunday in Lent (March or April depending on the year), and Russia the last Sunday in November.