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Wedding in the Morning - Bride and Groom Attire

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

We are having a morning wedding. What is the appropriate dress code for both bride and groom?


Like it done properly

Dear Like it done properly,

Morning weddings can be informal, semi-formal, or formal. For a casual or informal daytime wedding, the bride can wear a short wedding dress or suit. For semi-formal or formal morning weddings, generally the bride's gown is floor-length and the veil fingertip.

Fingertip length is what the term implies; the veil falls approximately to the fingertips. Or specifically, according to Bridal Basics, "the veil ends just below the middle knuckle of the middle finger" (

Bridal Basics also feels a fingertip veil is particularly beautiful when combined with an elbow length blusher (face veil). However, blusher veils are optional, as are gloves, for semi-formal morning weddings.

Basically, the more formal the daytime wedding the longer the veil and the larger the bouquet.

For a daytime wedding, the groom's attire is normally a sportcoat, business suit, stroller, or morning suit depending on the level of formality.

Morning Wedding Bride and Groom Attire

1. Informal: Bride - Short wedding dress or suit; Groom - sportcoat or suit.

2. Semi-formal: Bride - floor length gown; Groom - dark suit or stroller without tails in black or gray.

3. Formal: Bride - floor length gown; Groom - morning suit, which is a cutaway coat with tails, gray pinstripe trousers, gray vest, ascot or tie. However, the groom can wear a tuxedo instead of a morning suit for formal daytime if he prefers.

The groom's attire should coordinate with the bride's attire. For example, if the bride is dressed casually in short wedding dress, then the groom should wear a sportcoat or business suit, not a tux.