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Monogrammed Baby Gift

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I would like to monogram a baby gift for a friend as well as some nursery decor and bedding for my own children. What is the correct order of initials? For example, would Jane Anne Smith would be JAS? I also heard that the first initial of the last name should be placed in the middle, so is it JSA?


Please help

Dear Please help,

A traditional monogram would have three letters with the last name initial in the middle and the first name initial to the left and middle name initial to the right: JSA. If choosing this style, then the last name initial is larger than the other two initials next to it.

However, nontraditional or contemporary monogram initials can also be arranged in the same order as the name or using double or single initials.

Monogram examples for Jane Anne Smith

1. Traditional: JSA (initial order: first, last, middle; the S should be larger than the J and A)

2. Contemporary three initials: JAS (initial order: first, middle, last; letters all the same size)

3. Two initials: JS (first and last)

4. One initial: J or S (first or last)