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Toast and Jam Properly Spread

Dear Dr. Dave & Dr. Dee,

When eating breakfast in a restaurant, can we simply put butter and jam on the whole piece of toast and bite on it, or should we break the toast into small pieces and then put a little butter and marmalade on each of the pieces (as one would a dinner roll)?

I saw a lady, who had put jam on the whole piece of bread, then cut it into smaller pieces in her plate and finally ate it with a fork. Is this proper?


Greetings from Germany

Dear Greetings from Germany,

Breakfast toast is a finger food and easier to eat sliced in half. In restaurants, the toast is often served pre-sliced in half and pre-buttered. Each half can be spread with marmalade and picked up with your fingers and eaten without breaking off small pieces as you would a dinner roll.

If someone feels more comfortable eating a finger food with a fork and knife, then that is fine.