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Lounge Suit Appropriate Attire

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I am invited to a reception and the attire is "Lounge Suit." I checked the web and found that a lounge suit is a matching jacket and trousers. So, is a tie compulsory, and does the colour have to be dark or is a light coloured suit appropriate?


Lounge Suit?

Dear Lounge Suit,

A lounge suit is another name for business suit and usually indicates a semi-formal function. A darker suit with a white shirt and tie are appropriate.

On some occasions, if the function is an informal outdoor afternoon affair, then the lounge suit can be more casual, lighter colored, and worn without a tie. But, when in doubt, always dress more formally.

For women, a lounge suit normally indicates a shorter length dress or outfit as opposed to a formal floor length gown.