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Thanks Late, Better Than None

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I know that I should have sent thank you notes within three months of our wedding. But, due to our long honeymoon, both my husband and I getting new jobs and new home preparations, I was too exhausted to write them. Well, it's been over a year. My husband thinks that I should just forget about it. Is it too late to write thank you notes? If I write them, should I explain why the notes are so late or act as if they are not late?



Dear Embarrassed,

It's never too late to write thank you notes for any occasion. Do not go into the details about why you are sending your thank you notes so late. Do briefly mention the lateness in sending thank you notes. For example, you could say, "Our apologies for sending our thanks so late. We do appreciate your coming to our wedding and love the gift that you sent. We have used the **gift** often, and think of you each time we do. Thanks again for your thoughtfulness and generosity."

Of course, replace the word, **gift**, with the present that they actually sent. Also, it's not just the bride's duty to send out thank you notes; the groom is responsible, too.