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Introduce Self to Others Fine

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I feel introducing someone is a sign of acknowledgment, respect and caring. However, my husband fails to introduce me at times because he cannot remember the name of the other person or perhaps from pure rudeness from my perspective.

I have told him how I feel about being introduced. I really dislike having to interrupt and say, "excuse me, I'd like to introduce myself, I'm Jane, John's wife."

Should I just take care of my own needs and immediately introduce myself before the awkwardness sets in?


Please help

Dear Please help,

Your discussions with your husband about his not introducing you have not changed his behavior. It appears that your and his views on introductions do not have the same importance. He may not feel introductions indicate respect and caring, and it may be that he really cannot recall a person's name at that moment.

By all means, introduce yourself first. It is very acceptable to extend your hand, smile, and simply say, "Hello, my name is Jane Doe, John's wife."