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Host Pays For Birthday Dinner

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I have been invited to join my girlfriend and her parents for my girlfriend's annual birthday dinner. Who pays for the dinner on this occasion? I would normally treat my girlfriend to dinner on her birthday, so should I pay for everyone's dinner? Or, since the parents want to give her the dinner for her birthday, then should I just pay for myself?

Also, I thought of bringing flowers for the Mom and my girlfriend, but would that be a bit much?


Not sure

Dear Not sure,

The parents invited you to your girlfriend's birthday dinner celebration, so they will pay for your dinner. Be sure to thank them after the meal. You can still take your girlfriend out for a birthday dinner another night.

Because it is your girlfriend’s birthday and you are invited to dinner, a small bouquet of flowers for your girlfriend would be a very nice gesture and much appreciated.