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Addressing Envelopes - Mailing Labels Vs. Handwritten

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I know that wedding invitations are supposed to be addressed by hand, but do other invitations, thank you notes, or correspondence need to be? I have my family and friends names and addresses on the computer and can easily get mailing labels printed out. I have slight arthritis in my hands, so it would be very helpful to me if it was okay to use printed mailing labels for correspondence rather than handwritten addresses. Is that proper etiquette?


Mailing Dilemma

Dear Mailing Dilemma,

It used to be that typing the address was viewed as impersonal. However, nowadays, it is fine to use printed mailing labels to address envelopes for your informal correspondence, thank you notes, and party invitations. The contents of the envelope are important, not the outside.