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Graduation Celebrations: Simple To Elaborate

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

What is the proper way to celebrate a college student's graduation? I'm not comfortable having a party because people feel like they have to give money to the graduate. But, I want my daughter to know we are proud of her accomplishment.


Proud Parents

Dear Proud Parents, Section targeting

Celebrating a graduation can be done in a number of ways depending on finances and how elaborate you wish to be. An invitation to a party does not automatically mean a gift is expected. However, many guests often want to contribute to the celebration by giving a gift. You could have large party or small family gathering. Your daughter will know you are proud of her accomplishments no matter how you decide to celebrate.

A unique gift is also a way to celebrate a college graduation. For example, a rare book or family heirloom would be very special. A keepsake book filled with photos of family and friends along with nice notes from each of them would be treasured.

10 Ways to Celebrate College Graduations:

1. Decorate the house with the graduate's school colors using streamers, balloons, and congratulatory banner.

2. Cake: graduate's favorite cake decorated with the school colors.

3. Unique gift: family heirloom, keepsake book.

4. Dinner at a very special restaurant: take the graduate to a restaurant that you normally reserve for special occasions.

5. Party, brunch, or barbecue: invite family, friends and neighbors to celebrate.

6. Open House: invite folks to drop by any time between certain hours. Have a variety of finger foods arranged buffet style so folks can just help themselves and mingle.

7. Amusement park: trip to an amusement park for the graduate and friends.

8. Activity the grad has always wanted to do (i.e. sky dive, scuba dive, hot air balloon ride).

9. Trip to the grad's dream location (European or tropical).

10. Cruise: three day cruise or longer.