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Graduation Announcement When Sent Depends on Intent


Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

How far in advance of the graduation should announcements be sent?


Graduation Senior

Dear Graduating Senior,

Often there is confusion on the part of the recipients of the graduation announcement about whether they are invited to the graduation ceremony. Generally, an announcement only informs the recipients about the graduation and does not invite the recipient unless the announcement specifically requests their presence and /or graduation tickets are enclosed.

However, because of the confusion, when announcements are best sent are essentially based on the intent.

If the intent of the announcement is to only inform folks about the accomplishment of the student, then the announcement is sent after the graduation and the wording on the announcement past tense. Below are two time frames for graduation announcements.

When To Send Graduation Announcements

1. 2-4 weeks before the graduation if the recipient is invited to the graduation ceremony.

2. After the graduation if the recipient is not invited to the ceremony.

Please note that graduation party invitations are sent separately from the announcement.