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Table Manners Taught With Fun Activities For Children

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

I will be teaching a group of 7 year old girls about table manners. Do you have any fun suggestions that will keep them engaged and interested?


Thank you

Dear Thank you,

There are a variety of fun activities that you can do with children to teach them table manners.

Activities While Learning Table Manners

1. Feedback and Reward

Children like to see what they have accomplished and get rewarded. Rewards could be simple stickers after each accomplishment, plus the big reward at the end that could be a tea party.

2. Chart Progress

You can have a chart of the table manners that they need to learn and stars given after each is accomplished.

3. Journal

The girls can keep a journal of the table manners that they have learned. They can draw pictures and write simple instructions for each dining etiquette rule. When they have finished learning about table manners they will have their book for future reference.

4. Photos and Video

Children enjoy being photographed or videotaped. You could take pictures or videotape them demonstrating each example of proper dining etiquette. The photos or videotape can also include improper table manners in order to contrast with correct behavior. Be sure to take pictures at the tea party. Make copies of the tape for each to take home. If taking photos, these can be part of their journal.