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Wedding Flower Tips When Consulting Florist

Dear Dr. Dave and Dr. Dee,

Is it okay to bring magazine pictures of bridal bouquets to the florist to show them possibilities, or will they have plenty of photos to show me?



Dear Stressed,

Yes, it is very appropriate to bring photos of your favorite flower bouquets and arrangements.

Unique Floral Expressions ( recommends that you bring the following when consulting with a florist.

10 Tips on What to Bring When Consulting With a Florist

1. Wedding budget, including the flower budget.

2. Vision or concept of the event.

3. Style and color of your dress: bring a picture.

4. Number of attendants, style and color of their dresses: bring a picture and swatch of fabric.

5. Other people who will receive flowers, i.e. flower girls, parents, grandparents, groomsmen.

6. Location and time of the ceremony and reception.

7. Any restrictions imposed at the sites (ceremony and reception).

8. Format for the reception, i.e. sit-down, buffet.

9. Floral styles you like. Bring magazine pictures of your favorite flowers and bouquet styles, and let the florist know if there are any flowers you dislike.

10. Services you want the florist to provide, such as delivery, set-up, etc.

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